Home Page Shakespeare Primary School β€œIt is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

To all parents/carers, as you are all well aware at Shakespeare School we are usually very tactile. When a child is upset or feeling emotional it is natural to want to hug them. We will not be able to do this as your children leave us. It is a heartbreaking decision, however we have children who have family members still shielding. The 2020 Year 6s have missed out on so many things, but we would like you to know we are so proud of them and all our love goes with them as they leave through those gates. Thank you for all your support, especially the families whose youngest child is leaving , take care over the summer. 
All our love, The Year 6 Team 

Just a reminder to Year 6. Don’t forget to wear your hoodies on Monday and turn up at the allocated time πŸ‘πŸ‘. 

Hello Y6, hope you are all OK. As we all know, moving to a new school is always a challenge but what you have to remember is that you are not the only one. There are hundreds of Year 6s who are feeling apprehensive at the moment, this is perfectly natural and we have to deal with a pandemic too! Below we have provided some links to websites that are there to help eliminate any stress you may be feeling. 

Click on the link below and then scroll to the bottom where it says 'open videos'. There is a lot of helpful information for you here.

The link below also has lots of information and who you can speak to at high school should you have a wobble.

Finally the link below has a film from Mr Burton giving advice about transition.

Don't forget, we are always here for you. xx



Hiya Y6, there seems to be some confusion regarding projects. On the 3 days you are not in school/completing school work at home, we have asked you to do a project of your own choice. It can be handed in by next Friday 17th July and we will notify the winner of the best project soon after. The mini projects which we are completing in class will stay in school once we have broken up. Work to be completed for transition is done differently depending which school you are going to. FHS has a transition zone where you will find lots of subject challenges, I believe that Millfield have contacted you via email with your transistion work. That's the only information we have from the high schools. Hope this makes it clearer πŸ€”πŸ€”. Your reports will be sent home tomorrow, these include information about your last day so read carefully. πŸ€“πŸ€“ xxx

Our beautiful Beryl

Please read the attachments for an update on your Christmas gift. It gave me a teary eye to read about Beryl and how she has had the confidence to leave her sanctuary, the only home she has ever known, to live in the wild. We all wish her a safe life. Xxx


Hello beautiful Year 6. As you all know some of you are returning to school next week, for those of you who are not, we are changing our online learning. Everything that is being taught in school will be available in a pack. These packs will be waiting for you at the office and will be ready from the morning of Tuesday 23rd June. Come to the gate, ring the bell and give your name, the office will then inform your teacher who will deliver it to you at the gate. If you can't come to school and wish to have your pack delivered please let the office know, key worker children, we will have your packs in school for you on the days you are in. This work should take you approximately two days, on the other three days we would like you to work on your own project. The subject of the project is up to you, e.g. Life in the World's Oceans, WWII, Amazing Vehicles/People/Animals, The Solar System etc. Your project should contain hand written work and art work, computer printouts can be included if this is an option for you. If you require paper, pencils, crayons etc. let us know. This project should take you almost to the Summer holidays and of course we would love to see the finished products. The book we are going to reading in class is called the Bone Sparrow and is available from Amazon. We miss you all very much, try your best to do as much work as you can before High School, look after yourself and your families.

Love The Year 6 Team

Send your pics to

For English writing this week we would like you to write a biography about an inspirational person such as Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks or Gandhi. Use the planning sheet we have provided below to help construct your final product.


We move on to the third episode of Planet Earth II. This week is all about deserts.



This week's art is all about learning how to draw a tulip with Paul Priestley.

This week we would like you to revisit bus stop division remembering that the number outside the bus stop divides into the number inside the box. Remember to carry any remainders over to the next number.

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed your half term break. Hoodies are expected by the middle of next week (fingers crossed) so look out for a visit from your favourite teachers (in case you've forgotten it's Mrs Mather, Mr Clarke and Mrs Newson) who will deliver them personally to you.

We would like you to complete the activities below and we have chosen the theme of 'The Sea'.



The link below will take you to a short film about sea horses.


The link below will take you to a site that has fascinating facts about the ocean.


We would like you to write a fact file about a sea creature.  Imagine you are a Marine Biologist and you have been lucky enough to discover a new species of sea creature. Your creature can be from your imagination or closely related to one that already exists.  Include information such as: habitat, diet, appearance , adaptations and a labelled diagram.  Once your fact file is complete, we would love it if you would pop it in an envelope and post it to, 'The Year 6 Teachers' at school.  There will be a prize for our finest fact file. Good Luck!

Below is your maths for the week. The first activity is multi-step word problems. These start with one star for Mrs Newson's group, two stars for Mrs Mather's group and three stars for Mr Clarke/Mrs Willan's group.  Please try to challenge yourself and move up a star when you feel confident. For the three star group there is an extra challenging activity (although anyone can have a go at this of course).  Try really hard but don't stress your adults out and don't try crying because it WILL NOT work !!!



GPS for the week.  Watch the powerpoint first to remind yourself of all the different types of nouns there are. Then complete the worksheet.  There are three levels of difficulty according to which group you used to be in.  If you do not have a printer to print the worksheet out, then please write the words out in your book using the colours suggested on the worksheet.  

Mrs Willan has told us all to stay calm, people have been stocking their food. We've been asked to take cover, some people are in shock, the ladies hair -dos have gone all crazy while some have exercised themselves into a right old sweat. It's ok, because everyone's individual, we miss you loads and can't wait to see you again.

We are currently taking part in the Lancashire School Games challenges that are taking place. You can find the information @wyreandfyldesgo on both twitter and facebook. Send your videos in when you have completed the challenge. There are prizes from the school games organisation for the best of any challenge and also the most videos sent in. Below is a list of what is coming up. Let's get going!


Week Commencing Sport

20th April Rugby
27th April Quick Sticks
4th May Climbing
11th May Tri Golf
18th May Netball
25th May Orienteering
1st June Volleyball
8th June Cricket
15th June Rounders
22nd June - NSSW Athletics
29th June Lancashire School Games Day

Hi children! We hope you have had a good half term rest and are ready to get back on with some challenges. First of all, for maths we would like you to write down all the numbers you can see in the picture and also work out how 9 + 5 could possibly equal 2?

Word Challenge

Using a dictionary start with a 4 letter word of your choice. Whatever the last letter of the word is must start the new word which will now be 5 letters. See how many letters you can get up to. Here is an example...


4. News

5. Smart

6. Topple

7. Eggcups

8. Sausages 

9. S     ?



We move on to the third episode of Planet Earth II. This week is all about jungles.



This week's art is all about learning how to draw an eye with Paul Priestley.



Using scratch online, why not see if you can remember, from earlier in the year, how to build a computer game or even a calculator.

Photography - Can you recreate a funny picture by holding a piece of paper in front of a pet. (Remember no harm must come to the animal). Here's Mr Clarke's cat / rabbit.

English / French. Pick 5 items from the picture and write a sentence about each one. Then , when you have finished, use the google translator to write the same sentences in French.

French. Using google translator, rewrite this letter in French and set out in a letter format.

Here are this week's Crystal Maze puzzles. Good luck.


We move on to the second episode of Planet Earth II. This week is all about mountains.



Have a go at these fab ideas. Draw a 3D hand or even build a set of speakers for your phone or music device.

Complete in your books or even send them to us at the school website.



We move onto the next episode of Hetty Feather in the Victorian era - The Escape part 2.



Using scratch online, why not see if you can remember, from earlier in the year, how to build a computer game or even a calculator.

Here is a photo from before lock down all dressed up as the characters out of Once, Then, Now, Soon, After and Maybe.

Maths puzzles. You've got to have your wits about you this week. What is the number of the parking space? Which tank will fill first? What is the weight of each animal? The answers were 87, tank 3 and 20kg.

This week we would like you to complete the following...



We would like you to take part in an event that our very own Coach Mike and his leaders are organising.


They would like us to write a letter to a future generation person or even their older selves talking about what it was like to be a child during the lock down times. They might write about the new skills they have learnt to do (cooking, learning to ride a bike, exercising more etc) they could talk about their daily routines and what they have been up to, they could write about learning from this experience and learning not to take things for granted. They could also include what was on the tv, what the government asked us to do and maybe finish with some advice on how to cope with the situation. 


When the children have finished their letters they can be sent in to ...


where there is a chance that some of the players at FTFC might read out your letters or publish on their facebook page.



Please could you watch the new 'Planet Earth' series. The first episode is called islands. This can be found on bbc i player...  

You might want to write down 10 new facts you have learnt from the episode in your book. 



The next lesson from Paul Priestley is all about drawing a boat. Seems simple enough doesn't it.

We are looking forward to seeing your boat creations. 



Join Hetty Feather in the Victorian era along with little brother.

Here are the answers to the last set of Crystal Maze puzzles.

This was the year 6 team in the supermarket last week.



We would like you to take part in an event that our very own Coach Mike and his leaders are organising.


They would like us to write a letter to a future generation person or even their older selves talking about what it was like to be a child during the lock down times. They might write about the new skills they have learnt to do (cooking, learning to ride a bike, exercising more etc) they could talk about their daily routines and what they have been up to, they could write about learning from this experience and learning not to take things for granted. They could also include what was on the tv, what the government asked us to do and maybe finish with some advice on how to cope with the situation. 


When the children have finished their letters they can be sent in to ...


where there is a chance that some of the players at FTFC might read out your letters.  


Also the exciting news is that we have decided to go ahead with a back garden / or empty space sports day which will take place on Friday 22nd May. If you would like to take part, all you have to do is email Mr Clarke at to confirm your entry. At a later date you will receive a sports pack via email telling you what to do on the Friday 22nd May. After that, it is over to you guys to send in your photos and videos on that day. All will be explained in the pack fully. For now, I just need to know if you are taking part? 

Here are two new Crystal Maze challenges for you to have a go at. Place 6 queens on a chess board so that they don't cross each other's paths horizontally, vertically or diagonally.



Hope you enjoyed the first video for the primate series. The next one we would like you to watch is called "Primates - Family Matters . " - Have a watch of this. It is brilliant!




Please continue with your Paul Priestley drawings. We have included a new link that you might like to have a go at. 




Fascinated by the new series 'Race Across the World' we would like the children to pick a starting point on the world map and travel to an end point. For example start in London, England and finish in Athens, Greece. Tell us what places you passed through, what currency you would have to change to in each country and what famous landmarks you would visit / see. Remember just like the real tv version you are not allowed to travel by plane. You might want to even plan your journey and look up the cost of each transport you use to get to your final destination. Unfortunately we can't offer a £20,000 prize but we can promise that you will learn about new cultures along the way. Record your results in your book.  

Crystal Maze answers. The answer to crack the code was 153.

Some more Maths and English puzzles to entertain you.

Hello from the year 6 team.

Hello from the year 6 team.


It's been a long time since we have had a group photo together as a year 6 staff. Hope you like it! We will let you decide who's who - Ha ha! Look at the sneaky year 5 team in the background trying to get in on the act.


The BBC website has started introducing daily lessons. If you would like to use these lessons, use the following link to find these. They are very useful.


For our science there is a new bbc iplayer video called "Primates. Secrets of survival" - Have a watch of this. It is brilliant!


In your exercise books, why don't you create a fact file about your favourite animal? Maybe it could be from the primate video link above. Include height, weight, distinctive features, colours of fur / skin etc. 


For our new topic work, we would like you to complete some art work. You may remember Paul Priestley from earlier in the year when we learned how to "master" drawing a human face and horses. Using his clips on youtube we would like you to create a new picture following Paul's examples once again. Good luck! The link below is a good place to start. Choose any of his videos as inspiration.


Below are some more English challenges to complete if you wish. Keep those diary entries going each Friday. There are also some mathematical puzzles and challenges from the Crystal Maze to have a go at. We will reveal the answers to those maze problems later on. How many crystals can you get out of the 4 challenges? 

Here are some new challenges that you may want to have a go at.


Invent 5 new words and explain what they mean.


How many words can you make from: Shakespeare Primary School?

1 point for a 3 letter word.

2 points for a 4 letter word.

3 points for a 5 letter word.

4 points for a 6 letter word.

5 points for a 7 letter word.


Invent a new chocolate bar. Think about what would be in it, give it an exciting name and design a wrapper.


Write a town / city aplhabet.

A = Aberdeen

B = Brighton

C = ? etc. 


If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be and why?

Here are some Crystal Maze challenges.

Time capsule activity and Corona virus - A book for children

The year 6 team would just like to say hi to all our amazing children.

Still image for this video

Hi to all our very much missed year 6s.


Since our last update, Mrs Newson and  Mrs Mather have been processing a very important hoodie order (thank you to them and all parents / carers for responding) while Mr Clarke has been trying to improve his artistic skills. He has made good progress and is now working at reception level (ha ha). Mrs Mitchell has been learning how to play the guitar which could be a potential disaster to all our ears in the future and discovered that she also has little arms. Mrs Briggs has been busy painting rocks which you may find on our beach and has also been making face masks for all our fabulous NHS staff around the community. 


We hope you can carry on with your perfect Friday entries and here are some ideas you may wish to write about. 


You have been granted 3 wishes. What will you wish for and why?


How many words can you make using the letters u, h, s, p, d, i, p, e, y?


You have discovered a brand new plant on one of your daily walks, draw a picture of what it looks like and describe it using arrows around the outside of the picture. 


Make a list of all the things you could fit in a matchbox.


Invent a machine that would make getting up in the morning easier.


Invent a story about how people first began to make music. What do you think the first musical instrument was?  

Here is a great science experiment that you could try all about absorption and is a good start to understanding capillary action. This also works with food dye and celery. Go on give it a go!

For topic we suggest picking a country of your choice and creating a fact file that you can record in your book. You might include the capital city, population, language spoken (maybe more than 1), currency, landmarks and trade in and out of the country. 

Just a few brain teasers in case you're feeling bored!



Make a magic square where all the rows, columns and diagonals add up to 15




The answer is 25.

What are the questions? (use subtract, add, multiply and divide)


A flag has four different colours, red, blue, yellow and green (stripes)

How many different ways could the colours be arranged?


Invent a secret code using numbers for letters. Send secret messages to the adult in your house to see if they can crack the code.


What if ......................

Trees were made of chocolate!

What are the plus points and minus points?


If you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be and why?


Invent a new chocolate bar.  Think about what would be in it, and give it an exciting name and design a wrapper.

The Year 6 team are suggesting that in order to keep a little normality in your lives you follow a routine of work. Our suggested timetable is:

9 am Joe Wicks

10 am English - Monday GPS, Tuesday Comprehension, Wednesday Spelling Practice, (all activities for these can be found free on Twinkl)  Thursday Read a book and on each Friday write a diary entry of what would be 'your perfect Friday.'  These 'Fridays' can take place anywhere in the world and you can spend as much money as you need.

11am Maths - again Twinkl has loads of worksheets with answers.

Afternoons can be used to work on Science, History, Geography or your projects.  Practise your computing skills by using Microsoft Word if you have it and Google Earth.  We suggest downloading the pro version from this website. It allows you to change the time of day, visit Mars and the Moon, look at the stars and even travel back in time using historical maps.

The rest of the day is yours to spend how you wish (this does not include annoying your adults)!

Keep checking the website for new things to keep you occupied.

Lots of love

The Year 6 Team xx

Hello year 6 , still missing you lots and lots. Mrs Mather went into the garden on Sunday evening to look at the ISS and was very surprised (afraid) to see lots of satellites moving in a straight line. The satellites appeared at regular intervals and moved at a steady pace across the sky, worrying it may be aliens surprise she Goggled it. They were in fact the Starlink satellites owned by SpaceX. This is the company belonging to Elon Musk who apparently is going to take us all to Mars one day. To be perfectly honest, just a trip to the shops is exciting at the moment!! You can see examples of the Starlink on YouTube. 


If you have paper at home (if you don't, cut a page out of your workbook) why not have a go at making  some origami creations.  The link below is helpful but there are loads of other good sites out there too.


What is Origami?

Origami is the art of paper-folding. Its name derives from Japanese words ori (“folding”) and kami (“paper”). Traditional origami consists of folding a single sheet of square paper (often with a coloured side) into a sculpture without cutting, gluing, taping, or even marking it.


Good luck x

Last night was a lovely clear night with all the glorious stars on show. On the next clear night we would like you to use the link below to stargaze. It gives you information about the constellations we see in the Northern Hemisphere, anywhere above the Equator, and makes it easier to identify them. Write in the book that was sent home with you which night you gazed and which constellations you saw. If you look at the sky at 8pm to check if it is clear enough we promise we will be looking too, this will almost be like we are together.


Love, The Year 6 Team

Hello to all our beautiful Year 6 children. We can not tell you how much we miss you and look forward to the day we are a family again. crying  We are going to be adding activities for you to do at home, it is really important that you keep an eye on this page. If you have finished the work we sent home for you, you can Google SATs revision papers and find loads online. They also have the answers which is for your adult not you, no peeking!! I would also recommend you use the website Twinkl (no e), it is free to use at the moment and has millions of work related activities for you, every subject is covered and every worksheet has answers. You should look at the Year 6 work, most activities have either 1 star, 2 star or 3 star ratings with 3 being the most difficult.  If you find them too tricky maybe try looking at year 5, however do try and stretch yourself a little. Please try and spend an hour or so working on these to stop your mind going to mush. Be kind to your parents and help them to help you. This is your opportunity to grow up a little and take your learning seriously, we know we can trust you. 

Stay safe, love you,

The Year 6 Team




Young Voices 2020

Still image for this video
Videos showing our Year 6 children enjoying Young Voices 2020 which was held at the MEN Arena Manchester. All the children said they fully enjoyed singing along to all the songs they had practised in school and that the whole experience was amazing πŸ˜€πŸŽ€πŸŽ΅


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Christmas Charity


The generous children of Year 6 have decided to forgo a Christmas gift from their teachers and continue the adoption of an orangutan. Beryl was adopted last Christmas by the Shakespeare Year 6 children and she has grown an awful lot in the last 12 months. Beryl is cared for by the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in the Malaysian Sabah District of North Borneo. We are so proud of the generosity of our children. 


Year 6 - Using their mathematical net knowledge to build a Christmas village.

Welcome to Year Six. 

P.E - Hit Step lesson

Christmas decorations making morning.

Some year 6 children were invited to help Wyre Borough Council plant Spring bulbs at the Memorial Park. We are very excited to see what emerges in the Spring.

Well done to our finalist from Shakespeare, who competed in Fleetwood Young Chef of the Year. Judges said the pasta bake was one of the best dishes this year.

House Captains 2019 - 2020

Gymnastics 2019

Year Six Autumn Newsletter