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Here is Mr Hobley's attempt at making up dance moves to a song.

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We would love to see your attempts. If you cannot send them through Dojo, then you can send them to the Shakespeare Facebook page and they will find their way to us. As you can see in this video, the expected standard is not very high!
Happy dancing! 🕺🕺

Work for the Week Beginning 11-5-2020



We would like you to take part in an event that our very own Coach Mike and his leaders are organising.


They would like us to write a letter to a future generation person or even their older selves talking about what it was like to be a child during the lock down times. They might write about the new skills they have learnt to do (cooking, learning to ride a bike, exercising more etc) they could talk about their daily routines and what they have been up to, they could write about learning from this experience and learning not to take things for granted. They could also include what was on the tv, what the government asked us to do and maybe finish with some advice on how to cope with the situation. 


When the children have finished their letters they can be sent in to ...


where there is a chance that some of the players at FTFC might read out your letters.  


Also the exciting news is that we have decided to go ahead with a back garden / or empty space sports day which will take place on Friday 22nd May. If you would like to take part, all you have to do is email Mr Clarke at to confirm your entry. At a later date you will receive a sports pack via email telling you what to do on the Friday 22nd May. After that, it is over to you guys to send in your photos and videos on that day. All will be explained in the pack fully. For now, I just need to know if you are taking part? 

Home Learning week Beginning 4th May

We are currently taking part in the Lancashire School Games challenges that are taking place. You can find the information @wyreandfyldesgo on both twitter and facebook. Send your videos in when you have completed the challenge. There are prizes from the school games organisation for the best of any challenge and also the most videos sent in. Below is a list of what is coming up. Let's get going!


Week Commencing Sport

20th April Rugby
27th April Quick Sticks
4th May Climbing
11th May Tri Golf
18th May Netball
25th May Orienteering
1st June Volleyball
8th June Cricket
15th June Rounders
22nd June - NSSW Athletics
29th June Lancashire School Games Day

Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April

Hi. We hope that everyone is keeping safe. We are missing you all very much! Here is some more work that we would like you to try this week.


Using this link:  

You will be taken to White Rose Maths. Under the week 2 tab, is the work for this week. There are 5 activities (one for each day). Each day has a video to watch with explanations and then there is a task which can be printed and completed or the questions can be answered in your workbooks.

Also, we would like you to start thinking about time. Your challenge is to design and make (if possible) a clock. Here a few examples:    


If you can, get an adult to test you with different times at o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to each hour. Are you able to show the time on the clock? If you are feeling adventurous, have a go at times using 5 minutes steps, such as 10 past 3 or 25 to 4. (This could be a challenge!!!)


We would like you to keep a diary for each day of the week, discussing all the things that you have done during that day. It wolud be amazing if you could include drawing/photos of you doing different things. Please make sure you include:

- Full sentences that begin with a capital letter and end in a full stop.

- Your neatest handwriting.

-A variety of punctuation such as commas.

-The challenge is to include an exclamation using a !



Geography- We would like to do some research about one of the countries of the United Kingdom (or another country if you are feeling adventurous!) The sort of things we want you to look for include:

-The capital city.

-The number of people who live there.

-Famous landmarks.

-Interesting historical events.

-Longest river.

-Any other languages spoken

-Any other information you find interesting.


Once you have gathered this information, we would like you to create a poster/fact file about your chosen country, using lots of colour and pictures. Also, have a go at drawing the country's flag (Good luck if you chose Wales!)


Computing- Use this link:

This will take you to Scratch, which we have use in many of our computing lessons. We would like to try and remember the different things we have done this year and make your own versions.

-Can you remember how to move the sprite around the screen?

-Can you use the pen tool and create shapes?

-Can you change what your sprite looks like?

-Can you use different backgrounds and different sprites?

-Can you use more than one sprite at a time.

There is also an app called Scratch Jr, which can be downloaded to tablets/phones from the app store/google play store. This is a simpler version of scratch that we have on our iPads at school.


If all this is still not enough to quench your thirst for learning. This link:   has daily activities that are aimed at Year 2 children. 


We hope you enjoy these tasks. If you have any questions, we are available on Class Dojo. We would also love to see any examples of the work you have produced.


Stay safe and see you soon.

The Year 2 team x  

Time capsule activity and Corona virus - A book for children

Hello awesome families. Here is your next week of work. We hope you had a lovely Easter break xx


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Hello Year 2! We are missing you lots. Here is your next set of home learning. We hope you are all okay and being good at home. Year 2 team xx

Hello lovely families, 

Last week we sent home two weeks worth of work. Additionally, on the parent section of this website there is a Lancashire County Council document that contains lots of different activities and websites for you to try at home with your children. There has also been numerous activities that have been widely circulated that you can try. We hope you find these useful. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on Dojo. We would also love to see any pictures of the activities that you have been up to during this time.


Our thoughts are with everyone at this time.

Miss Hickson and Mr Hobley  smiley

For our half term homework we had to create something to represent the 5 times table!! Look how amazing our creations are!

In Science we have been learning about materials and how their state can change from liquids and solids. We made some jelly and some ice to observe this process. We even got to eat some of the jelly! Yum yum!

We have been outside to find out what things are made out of and why!!

Take a look at what we're up to after Christmas!

It's CHRISTMAS! We had a party and a lovely Christmas lunch!!

We are having a great time investigating money this week.

Look how good we are at vertical addition and subtraction!!!

In Maths we have been adding 2-digit numbers using concrete resources.

We are so proud of our planet art!

In Art we have used chalk to draw and colour some of the planets of the solar system.

We have read Avocado Baby in class. We even tried some! Some of us thought it was tasty but some of us did NOT!!


Please see our newsletter to find out what we're up to this term