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We're so excited to begin our Shakespeare journey with the newest members of our family. Please see last year's page for an insight into what you can all look forward to in EYFS.

You know where we are if you need us. Always here to help. 

Lots of love, Miss Mooney and Miss Hayton x  

January Newsletter 2022

September Newsletter 2021


Another very busy week in the EYFS!! Counting, ordering numbers, phonics, fireworks and much much more.

Our special 'Remembrance Day' visitor... On Wednesday we had a visit from a real life soldier! We had lots of very thoughtful questions for him and we listened so well when he was talking to us. He told us all about protecting us and our country and travelling to other countries to help protect the people there. He showed us all his 'kit' and some people even got to try out the huge sleeping bag. Our favourite part was practising the drills that the real life soldiers do. We had to stand on parade and learned how to 'form three ranks'. We had to listen carefully and do exactly what we were told straight away like the real soldiers. The boys and girls were very good at 'stop, stand still' and our visitor was very very impressed. We found out about the importance of wearing a poppy and of joining in with Remembrance Day. On Thursday Miss Mooney and Miss Hayton were incredibly proud of us because every single one of us stood still, quiet and respectfully during our two minutes silence and outdoor assembly. Miss Hayton made sure our visitor knew how wonderful we were and he said he was very proud of the boys and girls and had a lovely afternoon with us on Wednesday.

We have been learning about Diwali, the festival of light. We watched a programme about a little girl who was preparing for, and celebrating Diwali. We made diva lamps and drew mehndi patterns on paper hands.

Halloween and Hedgehog Maths!

Wash your hands, wash your hands.... Keep them nice and clean! We had a lovely visitor who came to talk to us about how and when to wash our hands. She brought a special machine and some hand cream to show how many germs there can be on our hands and how important it is to wash them off. She also showed us, with the help of Shrek (and some water) how far sneeze germs travel! Our teachers were so proud of us... We sat so nicely and showed how much we know about the importance of washing our hands to stay healthy.

Number, numbers everywhere!! We have been busy practising our counting, number recognition and number writing. Such busy bees we are!

We have been learning to recognise our very first sounds this week! We are so excited to be able to begin our reading journey! We have had a go at writing the letters too. Our teachers are so proud of us!

Farmer Ted lost his tractor key in our classroom. WE found it and decided that we could help him out by going to harvest his autumn vegetables. We decided to make some lovely harvest soup. Lots of learning and so much fun!

This week we've been reading the story 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. We've been talking about our feelings and ways to regulate them. We've ordered the story, acted it out and even made some of our own Colour Monsters.

Exploring AUTUMN! We've been learning about the different seasons.

We love our 'Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle' sessions. We learn how to pinchy, pinchy our fingers whilst having a boogie to some music! These sessions help build up our muscles in preparation for early mark making.

Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle!

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It was a very windy day so we had the idea of making kites! A fabulous opportunity for some problem solving, fine and gross motor skills development!