Home Page Shakespeare Primary School “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

Thank you to the Tri Kidz team, who came in to teach us how to do the triathlon.

Today, children have been measuring the levels of friction between different surfaces as part of our science learning about forces.

Some pictures of our Science Day. We were challenged to design a house to keep an ice cube cold. Thank you as well to our supporters from Victrex, who came in to teach the children all about air resistance.

In DT we have been studying the structure of bridges and building models of different types.

We love reading at Shakespeare - here are some of our World Book Day costumes.

Pictures from our annual Jobs Junction Careers fair. Thank you to all the adults who came in to tell us about their careers.

We have been demonstrating the effects of air resistance by testing parachute designs.

Our Year 5 auditions for Shakey's Got Talent 2024!

In science, children have been shown the effects of burning materials and the products left over after the burning process.

5M putting the Highwayman on trial in their own mock court case.

Pictures from our Bikeability sessions. We learned some excellent road safety skills around Fleetwood this week.

We researched, designed and made our own Viking Brooches out of clay.

Some of our 2024 calendar pictures we made on iPads.

Our designs for our pop-up books in DT.

Our Christmas party

Our Yoga lesson for Mental Health Awareness day.

For poetry week our theme was Refuge. Have a look at our creative planning for our poems.

We have been taking digital images of our nature garden and using iPads to create collages with them.

The children have been learning about Earth and Space and have been ordering the planets.

Ordering timelines of worlds events in History.