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Intent, Implementation and Impact

EYFS Knowledge Map

In Science we have been discussing the importance of washing our hands. We did the 'pepper experiment' to show how fantastic hand sanitizer is at getting rid of germs!

Year 2 have set their butterflies free!!

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Year 2 have been set up a plant experiment this week! Each plant has different conditions. We have predicted how each plant will grow and we will observe them closely to discover the outcome!

At Science club this week, our super scientists had to complete a wheelbarrow challenge. They had to work as a team to build a wheelbarrow and then transport a cup of water around a course without spilling it. Shakespeare won the challenge! Well done team!

Year 2 have been on a trip Farmer Parrโ€™s. They learned all about different animals and their young, what they need and their habitat. They even got go feed, stroke and hold some of them! It was a super day x

Year 2โ€™s new topic in science is PLANTS! We have been labelling and observing plants and trees!!

In Year 4 we have been listening and learning about pitch through our Sound topic. We made our own string instruments and discovered how to create higher and lower pitch.

Year 1 have enjoyed been explorers and hunting for mini beasts.

Year 1 had a lovely afternoon pond dipping. They even used ipods to take their own photographs.

Year 3 had lots of fun exploring and learning about dinosaurs, fossils, rocks and skeletons at the World Museum in Liverpool.

Science club is GREAT!! We have been building bridges out of paper and testing out how many weights it can hold. We have also been learning how to use Bunsen Burners safely and completed a dissolving jelly' experiment xx

Year 2 exploring habitats in our local area

In year 1 we have been learning about what plants need to grow and naming the different parts.

We are full of the joys of SPRING in Class R! ๐Ÿธ๐Ÿฅ๐ŸŒž We have talked about Spring time and been on our 'Signs of Spring Park Walk'. We have explored our nature garden, had stories, found frogspawn and tadpoles and produced life cycles of a frog in different ways!

In year 3, we have been learning all about our skeletons and why they are important for support and protection. Take a look at our fabulous diagrams.

Today, year 2 have been looking at Microhabitats and discovering the minibeasts that live there!

Year 2's new topic is HABITATS so today we went exploring our pond! It was awesome fun. We then thought about the beach and played some Habitats games xx

In Year 1 we are learning about the life cycle of a bean plant, what plants need to grow and to name the different parts of a plant.

Year 6 - Science Day - Air resistance v gravity. Making a parachute.

What a fantastic Science Day we had!! Our theme was SPACE! We made rockets and parachutes and had the best day ever!!

Year 5 have been investigating the way different types of parachutes are able to control descent.

Year 3- We have been investigating the properties of different types of rocks and the permeability of different soils.