Home Page Shakespeare Primary School “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

Tri Kidz~ A super triathlon session for the whole of school! Ace!

History~ Significant People. Our BIG question...What makes people famous?

Maths galore!

World Book Day 2024~ dressing up, book swaps, parent sessions and much, much more. We love books!

Geography~ a walk to the beach to take photographs of human and physical features, and then sorting them back at school.

Geography~ identifying human and physical features in different cities around the world.


Materials~ we made some fabulous bridges that held different weights.

Year 2 have had a brilliant week testing out different materials to see which would be most suitable to make a bridge!!

Our Christmas lunch was delicious. Merry Christmas Everyone!

In Science we have been learning all about life cycles. We made some using Play-Doh!

We have loved our Christingle topic! Reverend Carolyn came to visit us and we made our own Christingles with her!

In science we have been comparing our babies photos to now and discussing all the things we can do now we are in the child stage of the human cycle.

Look at our fantastic ‘Great Fire of London’ work.

We had a special trip to the memorial park to lay a poppy wreath for Remembrance Day x

Look at our odd socks! We’re making a noise about bullying this week!

We are so busy in year 2. We have been enjoying PE, art, ballroom dancing, using base 10 in maths, reading and writing!