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Science Day 2024

We loved celebrating World Book Day. Here are some of our fabulous costumes:

Science Experiment - we had lots of fun learning about how igneous rocks are formed

We had a great time designing, building and testing our slingshot cars!

In History we are learning about the Stone Age. Here is some of our Stone Age cave art:

We love composing in music lessons! We wrote our own rhythms using crotchets and rests. Here's what we came up with:

Look at our fabulous clay pots! Click the image to enlarge :)

In Science we looked at what plants need to grow and how it would affect them if they didn't have the right conditions for growth:

Check out our Egyptian collars - we designed them and then made them using different sewing techniques!

In Science we have been learning about light and shadows. Here are some photos of us in action with our shadow puppet shows: