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Intent, Implementation and Impact

Year 2 have been using tiny dots to make pictures. This is called Pointilism!

Inspired by the works of M C Escher, Year 5 have been making repeating patterns.

Year 2 have been inspired by Hilma Af Klint. Her paintings were unique because she didn’t paint what she saw but what she felt x

Year 2 have been observational drawings x

Year 2 have been drawing some brilliant portraits of the Queen!

Year 1 have been learning about how to draw a pirate ship.

In year 1 we have been using natural materials to create mini beast pictures and models.

Year 2 Sketching and Sculpture

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about Andy Goldsworthy. He uses natural materials to create his beautiful master pieces. Year 1 have created their own master piece inspired by Andy's work.

Year 1 have been very creative making natural art mini beasts.

Year 3 have created this masterpiece in the style of Kandinsky's Transverse Lines, we listened to different pieces of music and expressed ourselves using different shapes and lines.

Year 2 have been learning all about pointillism. We've had a go at creating our own pictures using cotton buds and they look awesome!

In year 2 we have been weaving!! They look incredible!

In year 3, we have designed, sculptured and painted clay pots. Look at how amazing they turned out!

We are very proud of this year's 'Blackpool Gazette Seasider Art Competition' entries. Here are our two winners at the exhibition with their artwork. Well done children!

We have been paper weaving in year 2!

Year 2 have been making clay candle holders in art.

Some of our Year 5 images and sketches. We have been exploring tint and shade, mixed media, perspective and collecting images of objects on the beach.

'The Perfect Fit' by Naomi Jones... The inspiration for our gorgeous display using printing and sponging techniques. We loved the solid, bright colours of the shapes and how they fitted together to make fun pictures.

Year 5 artwork. Repeating patterns in the style of M.C Escher.

After being inspired by the artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Year 5 made this display of Graffiti Art in the style of Basquiat himself!

EYFS- Chinese New Year crafting!

Year 4 love having the opportunity to be creative in Art lessons!

Year 2 have been painting repeated patterns this week!

Year 6 had a brilliant time visiting the Van Gogh Live exhibition in Manchester.


Year One are very creative. Have a look at all our beautiful art work.