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Intent, Implementation and Impact

EYFS Knowledge Map

5H have been putting historical periods in order.

In History, year 2 have been learning all about the 'Great Fire of London'. They have been sequencing the order of events.

Year 3 had a brilliant time at the World Museum in Liverpool exploring treasures from Ancient Egypt and learning all about mummification.

Year 3 have learnt all about Skara Brae and enjoyed pretending to be news readers and interviewing William Watt who discovered the site.

In Year 3 we have been learning about the Stone Age and which things were important for survival and which was the most important. We also enjoyed reading the story Stone Age Boy.

A wonderful trip back in time to Roman Britain with the help of the staff at Ribchester Roman museum. The children showed their knowledge and were still curious to see and touch history in the form of some Roman artefacts. Thank you Patrick!

In Year 3 we have started our new topic stone, iron and bronze age. We had a wonderful trip to the beach where we became hunter- gatherers, we searched for useful resources to build tools, jewellery and homes.

We have had a visit from a history teacher who taught us all about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Year 5 Vikings on the beach

Year 2 have been looking at local History! They have been drawing the three lighthouses x

Children in Year 5 have been ordering major events through the whole of history.

What have the Victorians ever done for us? In Year 6 we have been learning about the Industrial Revolution.

Year 4 Introduction to the Greeks, raising ideas, asking questions and finding facts

Using the www to find significant dates from the Victorian era.

Year 6 have been debating. We imagined we were Fleetwood residents from the Victorian era and we debated whether it was a good idea for a railway to be built in the town.

Just look how serious the year 6 Victorian railway debate was.

Year 6 Holocaust Memories

In Year 6 we have being learning about Fleetwood and the Victorians. We have designed shields that reflect the town as it was in the Victorian era.

Year 6 love a 'run-around' game. In this session we were learning all about the origins of Fleetwood as a Victorian town.

Year 6 had a fabulous time visiting the Imperial War Museum North as part of our History topic.

Our hallways and classrooms are already showing the different periods that we cover in History, here at Shakespeare Primary School.