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Hello, welcome to our very own phonics and early reading section. Take a look at what goes on in our wonderful little world of phonics and reading. We hope it gives you an insight into how and why we take so much pride in teaching our little ones to read and love books!


Phonics is the basic foundation of the skill of reading. The magic happens when children first realise they can actually recognise a grapheme and read a word. This, coupled with creating a love of books within children is the perfect blend of skill and enjoyment of being able to read. They are able to access an endless world of knowledge and escape into far away distant lands, meeting all kinds of wonderful characters. Shakespeare School strives to instil a love of books and the desire to read for enjoyment. We are determined to ensure that all children are equipped with the decoding and comprehension skills so that children are able and inspired to pick up a book, secure in the knowledge that they will be able to read effortlessly and become immersed in the text.

  • Our school’s phonics scheme, Read Write Inc, matches or exceeds the National Curriculum and ELGs.
  • It is expected that the majority of children will have completed the phonics scheme by Christmas in Year 2.
  • Children’s home reading books match the RWI phonics scheme directly. Children take home a copy of their school RWI book, a linked book bag book and in Year 2 children also take home a correlated ORT book.
  • It is expected that the percentage of children reaching the expected standard in the Year 1 phonics check will be above or in line with the national data.



  • The assessment of pupils’ phonics progress is sufficiently frequent and detailed to identify any pupil who is falling behind the programme’s pace, so that targeted support can be given immediately  
  • The school has developed sufficient expertise in the teaching of phonics and reading that ensures consistency from one year to the next.
  • Reading, including the teaching of systematic, synthetic phonics, is taught from the beginning of Reception through Read Write Inc.
  • Teachers give pupils sufficient practice in reading and re-reading books that match the grapheme-phoneme correspondences they know, both at school and at home.
  • Reading fluency and comprehension are taught using the RWI storybooks in RWI lessons.
  • EYFS and KS1 staff deliver high quality, engaging story time sessions daily to develop comprehension skills and to develop children’s love of books and reading. Comprehension is taught using ‘The Pawsome Gang’ (reading dogs) programme.
  • A welcome meeting is organised for new Reception class families towards the end of the first half term to demonstrate how we teach the children to read, and suggest how families can help at home.
  • In the Spring term Phonics workshops are held for EYFS and Year 1 children and their families to involve families in their children’s learning and enjoy learning together. Families also get ideas for activities to do at home should they so wish.
  • Whole class ‘Phonics Blast’ sessions are to be included in the daily timetable from EYFS onwards as from Jan 2023.
  • High quality, engaging texts for each age group are used as the basis for daily English lessons in EYFS and KS1.
  • Shakey Heroes bags and competition to encourage males in families to be involved in children’s learning at home in a fun and active way. The bags include a story book, a poem, a phonic activity and a sports activity.
  • Phonics workshops delivered to parents leading up to Y1 phonic check and Y2 retake. Resources produced and given to parents to help them support their children at home.
  • Come Read With Me sessions are held in Year 1 from the beginning of the school year and EYFS in the summer term. Year 2 also hold these sessions. Parents come into school once a week to share books with their children and they choose a book from the school library to take home.



Phonic Check 2022

There are 60 children in the present Year 1 cohort. 30 boys and 30 girls. Two did not take the test (one not eligible, one on holiday). The pass mark for the test was 32/40. Children who achieved a score of 32 or more met the expected standard for phonics in Year 1.

Achieved the expected standard

Did not achieve the standard

67% 39/58

 33%  19/58



Achieved the expected standard

Boys = 19/29

66 %

Girls = 20/28

72 %


Pupil Premium


Achieved the expected standard




SEN children


Achieved the expected standard




FLM children


Achieved the expected standard






Achieved the expected standard




2020 and 2021 comparison


Achieved the expected standard

2022 (Y1)


2022 (Nov YR2)




Year 2 re-take

17 to test- 15 took the test (2abs -1 emergency trip to USA, 1 holiday)

Achieved the expected standard

47% 7/15



Achieved the expected standard

Boys = 4/10

40 %

Girls = 3/5

60 %


SEN children


Achieved the expected standard




Pupil Premium


Achieved the expected standard




FLM children


Achieved the expected standard






Achieved the expected standard






See below our 'sticky knowledge' maps for Early Reading and Phonics.

Read Write Inc in Action!

Read Write Inc perfect partner work in Class R! We are learning how to be teaching partners, helping and praising each other. We are reading ditties using our phonic knowledge and practising reading fluently.

Miss Hickson's group are fantastic readers and great partners.

Reading Comprehension

Meet 'The Pawsome Reading Gang'...

'The Pawsome Gang' in action!

In Year 1 we have enjoyed using our Pawsome Gang props to answer comprehension questions. We have made predictions about what will happen next in a story and written our ideas down. We have also been partner reading and learning new sounds and words in phonics.

In year 2 we have been using our Pawesome Gang to help us answer comprehension questions. We have been reading Troll and the Oliver and we loved it. In RWI we have been working in with our partners, listening to each other read and helping each other to sound out tricky words.

πŸ“–β€πŸ“–β€πŸ“–β€ COME READ WITH ME IN CLASS R β€πŸ“–β€πŸ“–β€ We loved inviting our families in to school to share stories with us in the sunshine! The children were also able to borrow a book from our gorgeous library to read over the weekend. 😊

FUN WITH PHONICS in CLASS R!! It was wonderful to be able to welcome our lovely families into school and show them how fantastic our phonic knowledge and skills are! We all had so much fun with phonics!😁



"Great session! So useful!" smiley


"Really enjoyed the session. It helped me understand more of the phonics to help my daughter."


"It was lovely to be back in school and we both really enjoyed it. Thank you for organising." 

MORE PHONICS FUN... THIS TIME IN YEAR 1! We had another fabulous morning together having fun with phonics. It was lovely for the families to have a sneaky peek around school too as they hadn't seen it properly, due to COVID.



" Lovely morning watching all the children having fun whilst learning... Taken some great ideas for home learning! Here's to more 'in school' fun activities!"


"All the games were really imaginative but simple enough to replicate at home... Really enjoyed coming in to see my daughter."


"The session was very interesting and it was good to see how the children learn in school. Thank you."


"In such a short time I learned a lot. Thank you. Hopefully more to come and thank you Miss Hayton for your time."

Fun with Phonics ideas! Here is a guide to the activities we did in the phonics sessions.

SHAKEY HEROES AT HOME!! The heroes have loved learning and having fun at home with their families using all the goodies in their 'Shakey Heroes' bags.

SHAKEY HEROES COMPETITION.... The boys and their families had a fantastic evening... Friendly competition and lots of fun! 😎😊