Home Page Shakespeare Primary School “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

Design technology and mathematical nets used to create a Christmas village. Well done children. Our villages look fab!

Modroc finished sculptures. Don't they look fab!

PSHE. Signing of anti - bullying class code of conduct.

P.E. Striking and Fielding - Cricket.

Orienteering - Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Science - Fantastic beasts and where to find them. We have created animals that have adapted to live in either water, sand or ice desert. 

Art - We have been designing and creating sculptures. At the end of stage 1, we have made them out of tin foil and are now ready to use modroc.

Science - Evolution and Adaptation

P.E - This week we have continued our walk around Lancashire. After everyone's combined walking we have made it to Lancaster. In our efforts for the virtual athletics personal best challenges, we have now completed scores and times for speed bounce and the 10 x 10m sprint.

P.E - We are taking part in a walking challenge. This week we have combined our walking to reach our destination of Stanah estuary. We aim to walk around Lancashire over the coming weeks. We are also improving our personal best scores in athletics. So far we have recorded results for the long jump and chest push.

Outside learning. We had a fabulous time sketching out on the field in the last of the sunshine 🌞 

We have been working hard in science this week learning all about adaptation and classification. 

Super Scientists

Prepare to be amazed, Mrs Mather's maths brainiacs. 

Tricky Maths

Your children have been amazing, they have already produced a fabulous display. The slide show below shows their shields, they have created their work using heraldic and personal emblems. Our corridor looks great now, it is so lovely to see children's work once more on our walls.