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Hello and welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage. Please take a look at the above 'Introduction to Early Years' PowerPoint for lots of information regarding your child's time with us. We are so excited to start our learning journey together! 

Newsletter Sept/Oct 2020

A lovely Christmassy week... Christmas Party... Elf Day... Christmas Lunch and lots of other Christmassy activities. We are so proud of the lovely writing the children are doing!
Busy busy busy as always!! 

Story time - The Stinky Sprouts

Miss Best reads The Stinky Sprouts by Rosie Greening... We absolutely love this book about friendship and the importance of being kind. We have created AMAZING displays from this book... Watch this space for pics!

Seek out the stinky sprouts!
Learning with the Stinky Sprout Family.

Reading, writing, counting and creating!

It's been a wonderful writing week this week!!! Our teachers have been VERY impressed. We have been using our sounds to build words then copy them in our best handwriting. We have also been learning about what a sentence is... It needs a capital letter, a full stop and spaces between the words. Words don't like being squashed up! A sentence has to make sense too. We read a story about two brave penguins called Pip and Pop. We built a sentence ... 'I am Pip.' and wrote it in a speech bubble.
It has been a great week for number work too! Our line of number penguins got all mixed up and some of them waddled away. We rounded them up and Miss Hayton put some of them back on the washing line. We had to work out where the rest of the number penguins went. We used words like before, after, next and in between to explain why we put the numbers in a certain place on the line. We definitely rose to the challenge.
We supported 'Anti-bullying Week' with our Odd Sock Day!
We've busy with lots of other things too..... learning about the importance of cleaning our teeth and practising our sounds in our new Fred's Phonics area.
Busy... busy...busy again! We just love a jam packed week. This week has been all about thoughtfulness, kindness, charity and fun- all of our favourite things... Poppy Day... Children In Need and learning about Diwali.

On Wednesday we watch a beautiful animation to mark Remembrance Day. We are incredibly proud of how respectful our little lovelies were during our two minutes silence. We loved making lots of poppy related things!

On Thursday we learned all about Diwali, the festival of lights. We made chalk firework pictures and little Diwali lamps.
We were still busy bees on Friday, loving Children In Need Day... a day full of dancing, making and fun!
We always make time for reading, writing and numbers!!
We know we can't hug each other at the moment but that hasn't stopped us appreciating the power of a cuddle! We love the book called 'The Hug' by Eoin McLaughlin (well worth purchasing). We've have created a display that brings a smile to everyone who walks into the rainbow room!

Another exciting week in Class R. We had a brilliant day on Thursday- we went on an adventure to help Floyd find objects that he had thrown into a tree... it might all sound a bit strange to you but we've been reading 'Stuck' by Oliver Jeffers. Once we'd found the objects and matched them to their initial sounds we got to have hot chocolate and biscuits!

This week we've been hearing the initial sounds in words, practising number formations, exploring buttons and celebrating Halloween.

We had a shock to our week when we found a mysterious key on the path. All morning we tried to find out who it belonged to... all of a sudden a letter arrived addressed to the boys and girls in Class R. It was from Farmer Ted. He had lost his tractor key and needed our help to bring in the harvest crops. We then decided to make harvest vegetable soup. We followed a recipe and after having a safety talk, even had a go at cutting up the vegetables. We tried the soup and gave our opinion. Most of us loved it! There were some vegetables left over so we had a go at vegetable printing too!

12.10.20- Outdoor maths, patterns, rhyming words, more new sounds (i, n, p, g, o) and lots of fun!

Phonics Fun!

We've had a great week reading the story 'The Colour Monster'. We have learned about different feelings, acted them out, retold the story and ordered the book pages. We have also ordered numbered potion bottles and practised recognising numbers and counting.

'Squiggle While You Wiggle' sessions. Developing core muscles for future writing. Lots of fun!

Early math exploration