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Learn to Tell Time on a Clock | Analog Clock Practice for Kids

An animation with Timothy Time... learning about the clock, telling o'clock and half past times.


Telling the Time animation...

Up to 6:40 - explains the clock face and how to tell o'clock times.

6:40 - 9:50 - explains how to tell half past times.

Watch the first section, then there are links below to activities to work on with o'clock.

If your child is a time whizz, watch the second section of the animation and there are links below to work on half past times.

06.07.2020 Subtraction ... 'Monster at the Party' maths

Week beginning 29.6.20

Jack and the Beanstalk.... print and cut up the numbers and pictures of beans, mix them up and match

Subtraction- print and colour... use counters or sweetie (hee hee!!) to help you :)

Here are some maths challenges linked to The Very Hungry Caterpillar.....

Some of them are PDF format so you can print them out.

The Hungry Caterpillar.... Fill in the missing number

The Hungry Caterpillar... Try this, it's a bit trickier! Cut and stick 11-20

Variety of caterpillar maths activities to print and complete