Home Page Shakespeare Primary School “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

We had a great day at the beach led by our beach school teacher Mrs Bielec. We took part in Scavenger hunts, beach art and beach games. How lucky are we to live so close to the sea?

We were so excited when we heard the news about the new royal baby 'Archie Harrison'. We decided we wanted to write to Harry and Megan to congratulate them and send our love. We wrote a letter, made some cards and drew them some pictures. In our letter we asked the Duke and Duchess of Sussex some questions. We wonder if we'll get a reply?...

We've had a visit from some groovy fruit! We've been learning the 'Kitchen Disco' rap, tasting fruit and writing about which one was our favourite.

It's time to learn even more about the wonderful world we live in... POND DIP AND BUG HUNT TIME!

Here is our Summer Term newsletter...

Look who came to watch our Easter service and visit our classrooms...some of our friends from Welbeck House! We also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.

Where oh where is the time going? We've been happy getting ourselves prepared for the Summer term. We've been enjoying some warmer weather, buying plants for our garden, visiting the Lancashire Life Bus, making Easter cakes and continuing to enjoy our days at Shakespeare.

Comic Relief fun!

We have new members of our EYFS family.... Meet our stick insects!

WE LOVE BOOKS!!! Look at our fabulous World Book Day Costumes!

Class R's super scientists! We are expert catapult makers!

We LOVE learning about SPACE!

World Book Day 2019. Thank you to all our families for your super efforts!

Pancake Day... We helped Miss Hayton to make the mixture by following a recipe then... the best bit... we tried some pancakes. We had pancakes for dessert at school too so we were nearly pancaked out even before we got home!!

The super Solar System... We have been learning the names of the planets in the solar system and what it is like on those planets. We made our own solar system with our inflatable planets. It was so much fun!

The Billy Goats Gruff visited Wellbeck House too! The ladies and gentlemen loved our acting.

We've been reading the traditional tale- The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We had a go at acting it out...

Fun with Phonics! The children had a wonderful time playing phonics games and showing their families how super their reading is.

Gong Hei Fat Choi.... Happy Chinese new Year!! Class R had such a wonderful day celebrating Chinese New Year. We had a day full of dragon making, hat making, colouring, lantern making and best of all..... PARTYING! Our Chinese dragon did a marvellous dance surrounded by ribbon dancers, a band and children dressed in traditional costumes. We had a special guest appearance from Year 4 girls dressed in the lucky colour red, who performed the most fantastic dance for us to start our party in style! The Chinese food was yummy and we tried food that we had never tried before. We loved celebrating with a day full of fun Class R style!!

Cultural Dances... We have been learning about the world we live in and have focused on traditional dances from a variety of countries. In class we have listened to lots of different music and watched clips of people in traditional costume dancing to the music. We chose the music that we would like to dance to and had a very exciting dancing competition. The judges scores were very complimentary and the audience clapped for the very brave dancers. We all had so much fun and our teachers were very proud of how confident the dancers were.

We have started our weekly visits to Welbeck House. The residents were so happy to see us again!

We love our walks out into the community. We chat, we exercise, we look at print in the environment, we look at numbers, we soak in the natural world... the learning opportunities are endless. This week we even had a go at map reading.

CHRISTMAS was magical! We had a very busy, very sparkly time with our friends!

Exploring shapes and pattern! Lots of word-building and writing practise too. We love learning!

We had a visit from the school nurse who taught us all about the importance of keeping ourselves clean. We know that at this time of year it's especially important to wash your hands VERY well! We learnt how to wash them properly. Wash, wash , wash your hands!

We celebrated Diwali in Class R. We explored the festival by watching a little girl called Jessica show us and tell us all the things her family does to prepare for Diwali. It was very interesting. We made mindi hands, watched the story about Rama and Sita, dressed in traditional clothes and made clay diyas.

POPPY PARTY... When you are only four and five years old it is very difficult to comprehend the complexities of war, however it isn't difficult to understand the importance of treating one another with kindness and love. Love and kindness help create happiness and peace and that's a little bit of what our EYFS children wanted to do today when they invited their grandparents into school for a 'Poppy Party'. We drank tea and ate biscuits, had a performance from our outstanding elite choir, played with our grandparents in our classrooms and wrote remembrance poppies to hang on our remembrance tree. We even gave our grandparents a gift of a poppy and a cake (that we baked all by ourselves!) We are so incredibly proud of our children (and their beautiful little hearts) who were so excited to invite their grandparents into school. It was so lovely for us to meet even more members of our wonderful Class R families.

Happy Halloween! We were busy busy busy making pumpkins, bat pictures and spiders in lots of different ways. The potions were brewing and pumpkins were designed and expertly scraped out and carved. All in all a fantastic day!

The Story of 'Eric Simba' our hedgehog... While Mr Griffiths was clearing the autumn leaves, he found a little hedgehog stuck in the drain in the outdoor area. He rescued it and took it to the vets. When it was well enough, Mr Griffiths picked it up and brought it back to school. Class R and Mrs Holloway adopted the little boy hedgehog. We talked about what Mrs Holloway needed to do to look after him. He had to have a warm house, food and water. We had a naming competition- the winning name from RM was ‘Eric’ and RH's winning name was ‘Simba’. They were picked out of a hat. ‘Erica Simba’ lives at Mrs Holloway’s house and has been to visit us a couple of times. We measured him when he was healthier and he was 8 suns long.

We have learnt all about how important autumn harvest time is. We found a mystery key on the carpet and it turned out that it belonged to Farmer Ted. It was his tractor key...he couldn't start his tractor to go and harvest all his vegetables. Lucky for Ted, we had a tractor, so we sent out our very own farmer and his wife to bring in some vegetables. We decided to make an autumn soup and can you believe it?...all the children LOVED it! I wonder if they eat vegetable soup at home?

We had a wonderful time exploring the effects of autumn in our local park. We carried out lots of mathematics activities too. We LOVE outdoor learning!