Home Page Shakespeare Primary School “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

Have a go at reading this yourself and then have a go at the character descriptions.

Jack and the Beanstalk Story

Silly Story Maker

13-1-21 RE

English 12.1.21 PPT

11.1.21- Science Materials PPT

Handwriting x

We made our own Christingles AND Santa replied to our letters!! It was SO exciting xx

We have done some amazing science experiments this term. We have put mentos in diet coke to make a volcano! We have made balloon kebabs. We have made pennies super shiny using coke and we have watched raisins dance in lemonade! It's been such good fun and we are super scientists!

This week the scientists made dirty pennies very shiny by soaking them in coke xx

This week we wrote letters to SANTA!!!

We had great fun sewing our Christmas decorations, painting our cards and calendars and putting our own class tree up!! Christmas is coming!!xxx

We are mastering money and making advent wreaths this week- some of us wore them as hats! xx

What a busy week back! We have been throwing and catching in PE, creating fantastic firework pictures with chalk, using rhyming words in English and making beautiful poppy pebbles for Remembrance Day!

We might not be able to attend a firework show this year, but we will not let lockdown stop us creating our own firework display!

Have a look at our 'Avocado faces' in 2HB!

We have worked so hard since we came back so Miss Hickson treated us to a slice of Avocado- haha! YUMMY!!

Look at our awesome autumn trees!!

We have been orienteering.... It was such great fun!

We have been looking at a book called the 'Naughty Bug'. We then thought about questions we would ask a doctor, the owner of ASDA and Boris Johnson about what has gone on in recent months.

In Geography we have been looking for the seven continents on a globe!

We have been writing statements.. We are so very clever!!

We are super at place value!!xx

In History we have been looking at the Great Fire of London. This week we have been comparing firefighters from 1666 to firefighters in 2020.