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Week Beginning Monday 13th July

Hello Year Five,

We have put the work for this week below. It has been wonderful teaching you this year, even if we have been cut short due to the current situation. We hope you have enjoyed some of the lessons we have put on this page and please keep learning through the holidays. The Summer reading challenge is available online and you can find it here Please try your best to keep reading over the holidays and don't forget to bring in any certificates you might earn. Congratulations to our prefects and head boys and girls. If you missed the announcement, please see the school Facebook page for all the names. 

Stay safe and well,


The Year Five Team.

Maths - Finding Prime Factors

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Can you find prime factors of a number. Please look at the worksheet and see if you can use a factor tree. There's also a list of prime numbers on there to refer to.
Can you remember all your Year Five grammar ready to start Year Six? Try these two tests - answers are at the end.
This is a type of branching database we would like you to make for different types of animals. Look at the example sheet with the aliens to see if you can find all the names. Then use this same concept to make your own database for real animals. You can use the blank copy or you can draw the database yourself. Unusual animals should be included where possible - you could use the internet to research animals your teachers haven't heard of.

Week Beginning Monday 6th July

Hello Year Five,

We are disappointed we haven't seen many of you in such a long time. Keep staying positive and keep working hard at home. It has been wonderful to see so many of you taking part in the recent sports tasks. You can see all the pictures and videos of this on the school Facebook page. Please find your school work for this week below. Please keep watching the news section for all the latest.

Best wishes,


The Year Five Team.

DT - Levers and Linkages, Pull String Puppets

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Every year we challenge our Year Five to make their own version of our pull string puppet, Mr Pineapple. Can you make your own mechanism to make his arms move? Please send your pictures of your puppets in so we can see them.
Can you remember how to find the factors of a number? Find the factors of the numbers on these sheets. Remember it is easier if you have a system. Start with 1 at one side of the page, and the number at the other, then test every times table (in order) until you meet at the middle. Make sure you don't confuse factors with prime factors (you shouldn't be using a factor tree).

English - Letter to your new teacher

You will be moving up to Year Six soon and you should now know who your teacher is. Can you write them a letter, tell them all about yourself and your hopes for the future? If you need a nice piece of letter paper we have attached one above. But remember, Year Six will expect that you can recall and use as much of the grammar and punctuation you have learned this year as possible. If you send them in, we will deliver them to the teachers for you.

Week Beginning 29th June

Hello everybody,

It is nice to be working to more of a routine than we have been. But we are in different classes and it is unusual working with different people when we really want everything back to normal. For those of you that haven't started back at school yet, we are thinking of you and hope to see you soon. Please keep watching the school website for any updates about school reopening.


Stay safe and stay positive,


The Year Five Team.

Maths - Long Multiplication

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The questions for long multiplication are on the sheet above and you will find the answers on the second page. Watch the video for an explanation of the method.

English - Transition to Year Six Work

Building on what we have learned this year, this booklet has lots of English work that you should be familiar with. You will need it all for your upcoming Year Six English lessons.
You have already learned about the life cycles of animals. Now we need to compare them with the life cycles of a plant. Do you know how a plant reproduces? Look through the slides and see if you can answer the questions on the sheets.

Week Beginning Monday 21st June

We are still missing you all. We hope you are continuing learning as best you can at home. We hope you are also remembering to keep reading at home. Have you read your two school library books yet? Reading can be really good fun when you have less to do. Please keep watching the news section for all the latest regarding school reopenings and remember to follow BBC Bitesize for more daily lessons. Look below to find more learning for this week.


All the best,


The Year Five Team.

Maths - Area and Compound Area

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We haven't done much on area this year as we went into lockdown before we got to most of our shape and space learning. Can you find an area of a rectangle? Use the sheets above it you want the questions on paper.
There's lots of English work in this pack. Please don't feel you have to do it all (unless you want to). You will find all the answers in the second pack.

Science - David Attenborough

As part of our learning about animals we have to study the life of a famous naturalist. If we were at school now, we would be asking you to find out about the life of David Attenborough. See how much you can research about him online and if you can answer the questions on the sheet. Answers can be found on the last two pages.

Week Beginning Monday 15th June

Hello everybody,

Please find below more work for the next week. Please keep watching the news section for the latest from schools on any possible reopenings. There is also lots more daily work available on the BBC Bitesize website if you want more to do. We hope you are all safe and well.


Missing you all,


The Year 5 Team.

English - Limericks

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Can you write a limerick? We thought you would enjoy some poetry for a change this week. Send in your limericks to the school email if you come up with a good one. Don't forget if you need rhymes google for an online rhyming dictionary.
This is a booklet with loads of Year Five multiplication and division activities. You don't need to do it all. If you don't understand parts there are lots of explanations for everything here online.

Science - Life Cycles

If we were at school we would be learning about the differences between animal and human life cycles. Please click here to learn all about animal life cycles. We would like you to choose any mammal, amphibian, insect and a bird and see if you can fill in the life cycle sheet once for each of them (that means you need to print the sheet out four times). Your mammal can be a person if you want it to be. You may not need to fill in every box for every animal.

Week Beginning Monday 8th June

Hello again everybody. We hope you are still hanging in there and staying as positive as possible. Please keep looking at the news section of the website for the latest about any possible school openings. We will keep updating this as soon as we know. Have a look below at this week's work challenges. We hope you have fun.


Stay safe. Best wishes from


The Year 5 Team.

Maths - Percentages

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We didn't get chance to do percentages so far this year in maths. See if you can have a look at the video and understand how to work out a percentage of a number.

English - Modal Verbs

Can you remember what a modal verb is and how to use one? See if you can turn these sentences into the best mini-stories possible. Send any completed sentences to school and we will see if we can put them on the website.

PSHE - Beating Barriers Laser Challenge

Ninja Howarth has completed this challenge. Please send your laser maze pictures in so we can have them on the website.

Week Beginning Monday 18th May

Hello again to everybody. We hope you and your families are staying positive and safe. Please keep watching the news section for the latest updates on the current school situation. This Wednesday is National Skills Day, this is a day when you should challenge yourself to learn something new. More details are in the flyer below. Have a look further down for all the latest school work.

All the best,


The Year 5 Team.

National Skills Day - Challenge yourself to learn something new.

Computing - Scratch. Can you remember how to make a computer game?

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You will be using Scratch in the first term of Year 6. Can you remember the skills you were taught at the start of the year? Remember Scratch is free at If you can remember more and would like to turn it into a full game, some of the code below might help you.

More complicated game code.

English Comprehension - Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom continues to be an inspiration to us all during lockdown. Twinkl have made this comprehension about him. Can you answer all the questions? The answers are on the last two pages.

Maths - 3D Shape and Volume

Here are two shape and space sheets. The saliva in the swimming pool one is a bit weird (which is why we picked it). Answers are on the last page of both.

Week Beginning Monday 11th May

Hello everybody. We hope you are still remaining positive in our current situation. Keep watching the school news section for more information about the coming weeks and remember to keep smiling. Please find work for this week below.

Knife Skills

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If we were at school you would be learning to safely use knives to cut vegetables at part of our cooking lessons. Have a look at the video below and see if you can cut a carrot, a potato and an onion. There is a recipe for carrot soup below. See if you can learn how to cook for your family over the coming weeks.

Carrot Soup Recipe

Here is the recipe card that tells you what to do with your vegetables once you have chopped them. I made it yesterday and it was very nice (Mr Howarth).

Maths Activity - Make an alien mask using coordinates

On squared paper (if you don't have some you could make some with a ruler) you have to follow the instructions to make an alien mask. Email pictures to school of you wearing your mask and we may post them on this page next week.

English Activity - Make your own comic book.

Could you make your own comic book? You have a template here (but if you want to make your own that's fine too). Your comic book could be about life in lockdown or you could pick another subject. If you email or post them to school we will put some on this page next week.

Mr Howarth and Mr McCann would like to read you a story.

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We would like you to take part in an event that our very own Coach Mike and his leaders are organising.


They would like us to write a letter to a future generation person or even their older selves talking about what it was like to be a child during the lock down times. They might write about the new skills they have learnt to do (cooking, learning to ride a bike, exercising more etc) they could talk about their daily routines and what they have been up to, they could write about learning from this experience and learning not to take things for granted. They could also include what was on the tv, what the government asked us to do and maybe finish with some advice on how to cope with the situation. 


When the children have finished their letters they can be sent in to ...


where there is a chance that some of the players at FTFC might read out your letters.  


Also the exciting news is that we have decided to go ahead with a back garden / or empty space sports day which will take place on Friday 22nd May. If you would like to take part, all you have to do is email Mr Clarke at to confirm your entry. At a later date you will receive a sports pack via email telling you what to do on the Friday 22nd May. After that, it is over to you guys to send in your photos and videos on that day. All will be explained in the pack fully. For now, I just need to know if you are taking part? 

Week Beginning Monday 4th May

Hello everyone. Have a look below to find more work you can have a go at this week. We hope you are staying positive and are keeping safe.


Best wishes,


The Year 5 Team.

English Work - Where would you rather be?

Where would you rather be if you could be somewhere else. Please write a postcard from the place you would most like to be right now. It can be real or fictional. It should include a picture and some writing (just like a real postcard). You could post it to the school (see the contact tab for the address).

Maths Work - Time Jigsaw

Here is a jigsaw about matching time. You will need to print it, cut it out and assemble it. If you want to check if you are right, the answers are on the final page.

Do you remember our first science topic this year? If you can't answer these questions, could you find the answers online? If you want to see if you are correct I've added the answer sheet too.

We are currently taking part in the Lancashire School Games challenges that are taking place. You can find the information @wyreandfyldesgo on both twitter and facebook. Send your videos in when you have completed the challenge. There are prizes from the school games organisation for the best of any challenge and also the most videos sent in. Below is a list of what is coming up. Let's get going!


Week Commencing Sport

20th April Rugby
27th April Quick Sticks
4th May Climbing
11th May Tri Golf
18th May Netball
25th May Orienteering
1st June Volleyball
8th June Cricket
15th June Rounders
22nd June - NSSW Athletics
29th June Lancashire School Games Day

Week Beginning Monday 27th April


Hello again from the Year 5 team. This is a difficult time and our thoughts are with you and your families. We hope you are staying positive and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Please keep looking into the BBC daily learning lessons you will find here to continue your learning at home. 


We have also added three pieces of English comprehension and a maths booklet to work through below.


Keep smiling,


The Year 5 Team.

Maths Booklet

Time capsule activity and Corona virus - A book for children

Another hello from the Year 5 team. We are still missing you all and hope that you and your families are well. We have posted another three tasks below to complete while you are at home.


BBC have started daily lessons today for all year groups. You can find them here There is an overview, more information and a schedule for this week's lessons available here


I'm also aware that the BBC is uploading lots of activities as well. Keep an eye here


We hope to see you soon.


The Year 5 Team.

Maths - Keep sharp on your times tables. Are you still as fast as you were? Remember to time yourself.

Read this text carefully and answer the questions. The answers are on the second sheet. You can use them to see how well you did afterwards.

Research a country - here is a sheet to fill. Can you research a country and fill in all the facts.

Hello to everyone in Year 5 from the Year 5 team.

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Hello Year 5,

We hope that you and your families are safe and well during this unexpected break. We are already missing you and look forward to seeing you again soon. Below are some links to different websites which you may like to use to keep yourselves active and learning. has lots of resources and learning worksheets. Click the bar at the top for more specific information. If you haven’t done Joe’s PE lesson yet. Mr Howarth is now on his fourth successive day (and a bit sore but happy). Here is a link to his living room workouts. We know you enjoy the Murder Mystery maths challenges. We get them from here. If you’ve already finished the one we sent home. Number 2 is the one we sent if you want to check your answers. To remind yourself of our recent English lessons here is a link to the Highwayman poem. Please read through it and explain it to your parents. Link to Cool Maths Games if you want loads of games to play. Here is a link to Scratch. If you are interested in coding you could remind yourself of all the commands (as you will need them for the first term in Year 6). Explore the world from your computer with Google Earth. We would suggest downloading the pro version from this website. It allows you to change the time of day, visit Mars and the Moon, look at the stars and even travel back in time using historical maps. We will be missing some of our recent art topic. If you like to draw here is a list of 50 things you can draw (with instructions).

Spring Term Curriculum Newspaper

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter

Thank you to everyone who dressed in sportswear and donated money for Sport Relief today.

We are absolutely thrilled that our science team are the winners of this year's Fleetwood High School Science Challenge. Well done team.

We really enjoyed designing and building bridges for science day please have a look at some of our creations.

Today was world book day. The class looked amazing. Thank you to all those who dressed up and to all the parents and carers who provided such wonderful costumes.

Today we have been programming the Lego Robots to move around the classroom.

Well done to our two teams who represented Shakespeare at Fleetwood High's Maths Challenge. Both scored very highly - one team came third and the other was only a few marks behind them.

Children have enjoyed being visited by different local business representatives as part of the Jobs Junction Careers Fair. Thank you to all the people who gave up their afternoon to talk to Year 5.

In science we have been learning about fire and what happens to different materials when they are burned.

Can you tell who these people are? We have been drawing self portraits today.

Well done 5H for performing Gabriel's Message this morning at the Carol Service. If you missed it please watch below.

Still image for this video

This week we have made 3D landscapes on computers, changed the lighting effects and taken pictures of them.

5H have been learning about World War I in the Memorial Park today. Thank you to all the staff on the Memorial Park team.

It was lovely to see so many parents and carers in school for family making morning. Please have a look at the things we made on our Christmas decorations week.

Well done to our STEM Challenge team who came 4th in Fleetwood High's competition to build the best bridge.

Have a look at some of the beach art we have been making as part of our beach school learning today.

Well done to our quiz team who came third after a tense tie-breaker in Fleetwood High's Eggheads quiz. It was also nice to see some of our former Shakespeare pupils competing.

In gymnastics this week we have been learning different balances.

Children in Year 5 have joined fencing club.

Despite the rain this week we still managed to design a 12 metre long shark on the beach.

Thank you to all the people at the RNLI base, who took us on a guided tour as part of our beach school learning.

This morning we enjoyed our lessons on the beach.

Today we discussed Samson (and his boundless strength) and Gideon from the bible.

Thank you to Amanda from BSYW, who came in today to teach us all about the Christian bible in RE.

We have continued our learning about astronomy this week.

We have had a lovely time so far and I am really looking forward to teaching my new class for the rest of this year.