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Year 2- We hope you enjoy looking at what we've been up to! 2017-18

WELCOME TO YEAR 2- with an avocado taste! Our faces say it all!

We have made quiche! Yummy x

We have been watching caterpillars turn into butterflies... Yesterday we let them go.... xxx

We LOVE the World Cup! 2H chose a country, researched it for homework and presented their information to the rest of the class. We have even held a trophy replica! COME ON ENGLAND!!

We brought back some interesting things from the beach. We drew them with charcoal and then used them to print onto some clay! We're such good artists!

Year 2 know how to party- what an end to the half term!!

SPORTS DAY!! Well done Hamlet!!xxx

What an amazing trip! We had a ball at Lytham Park xx