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Year 2- We hope you enjoy looking at what we've been up to! 2017-18

WELCOME TO YEAR 2- with an avocado taste! Our faces say it all!

We have made quiche! Yummy x

We have been watching caterpillars turn into butterflies... Yesterday we let them go.... xxx

We LOVE the World Cup! 2H chose a country, researched it for homework and presented their information to the rest of the class. We have even held a trophy replica! COME ON ENGLAND!!

We brought back some interesting things from the beach. We drew them with charcoal and then used them to print onto some clay! We're such good artists!

Year 2 know how to party- what an end to the half term!!

SPORTS DAY!! Well done Hamlet!!xxx

What an amazing trip! We had a ball at Lytham Park xx

We made a wedding card for Prince Harry and Meghan and posted it!x

I think you will all agree it was a wonderful country dance!

We have been hunting for animals and their habitats!

When Esio visited 2H and we made yummy crispy cakes xx

Easter Bonnet Parade! I'm so impressed with all the effort. Well done 2H xx

We had so much fun buying our Mother's Day gifts xx

We LOVE the computer room!!

Our boat exhibition- thank you to everyone who came!

We have made fantastic boats for our homework!!

We LOVE art! We have been making colours lighter!

SCIENCE- we have been bending, stretching, folding, twisting, rolling, squeezing and squashing play-doh for our materials topic!

We LOVE Art!! We have been colour mixing in class, it was so much fun!

We're learning how to tell the time! We have made some awesome clocks to help us learn!

Happy New Year Everybody! We're learning all about money! Great first day back xx

Our Christmas dinner was delicious! Merry Christmas Everyone xx

Our Christmas Party was AWESOME! We even had a special visitor!!

We LOVE our penguin display! It looks FAB xx

Smartie Bar Chart!! We had so much fun this morning. We had to close our eyes and choose a smartie, then record which colour we all chose on our tally chart and then we used the information from the tally chart to create our bar chart! Oh and YES we got to eat the smarties! YUM YUM xx

We have LOVED our Fleetwood Town sessions!

In maths we have been measuring in cm and m. We predicted how long the hall is and then measured it. It was 14 m long.

We're on the road to learn! We've been painting the background to our road!

We LOVE our Fleetwood Town session xx

WE ARE SUPERHEROES!!- Avocado baby was a hero and so are we! We have been thinking about what our powers would be!

We've ALL tried avocado!! Can you tell by our faces if we liked it or not?xx

Look at my strong class! We have been reading Avocado baby and he is STRONG!

Look at our amazing displays in the hall for music and artist of the half term!

We have been learning all about place value in maths! We're so clever!

We made a gingerbread man printing block! They looked awesome!

Year 2 Autumn Newsletter

We created some fantastic homework researching Marie Curie! It is now displayed in our classroom! We also had an afternoon tea party which was delicious and we have raised £78! Well done year 2!

Beach Trip


Year 2 went to the beach on 14th and 15th June. They did some beautiful art work using things they had found on the beach. We had sea creatures including sea horses, jelly fish , sharks and lots more. Some children made a football pitch too. We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go again.



In English we have been reading ‘You must bring a hat!’ we loved it. We made a list of things people would bring to our own parties.