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Year 3 Outdoor Learning 

Outdoor Geography - We used a map to locate boxes with countries and cities in, then we tried to match them up. We learnt about map symbols and used them to make our own map of the local area.

                         Year 2 Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Classroom Day - we took our maths work outside and practised inverse operations for multiplication and division using natural objects.

We have planted some vegetable seeds to take home over the holidays. We will bring them back and put them in our planting areas and watch them grow, hopefully we will be able to eat them too!

We made a promise and planted a sunflower to help keep that promise.

Outdoor music

Year 2 have been busy getting our planting areas ready for planting new seeds. We have planted Cosmos, Calendula, Nastursrum and Poppy seeds to help encourage butterflies to our garden area. 

We played Troll shops outside and had to spend the correct amount using repeated addition and practising our multiplication.

Year 2 had fun taking their Little Explorers around the school grounds and making up adventures with them using photos and videos on ipods.

We are learning how to grow potatoes. Thank you to #GYOP for our school kit.

Icy day

Outdoor Classroom Day

I am not a stick I am ...

                      Year 1 Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Classroom Day

Stickman Adventure

Thank you to The Tree Council and Ovo Energy for donating trees to our school. We have planted a range of fruit and woodland tress which we hope will grow for future generations to enjoy.      



Tree Planting

Great to see our pupils getting out and about exploring their local environment as part of their home learning activity. Year 4 have been looking at sea defences in the area as part of their Geography topic. Year 1 and 2 have been on a seashore scavenger hunt learning about what can be found on our local beach.

Beach school activity

Christmas decorations