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Meet the Learning Mentor Team

Clare Wilson - Family Learning Mentor


Hi, my name is Clare and all the children in school know me as Clare too.

As a learning mentor, I am here to support your child(ren) by working alongside you during their time at Shakespeare Primary School. My role is to help your child(ren) be happy and safe both in school and at home. One of my main roles is dealing with attendance and punctuality, I am here to help the family as a whole with any support needed because we know how important ours and our children’s mental health is. I also support children through their transition as they move through the school and leave for high school.


As parents, we lead busy lives, the school run, work, after school activities, house work, homework, home learning – the list goes on, but are we looking after ourselves? There is a reason the flight attendant tells us to put on our oxygen masks first, we cannot help our children if we are not helping ourselves. Parenting can be hard, so take a minute, find time in your day to relax and really think, what have I done today to look after me?

So, reconnect with your child, put down the phone, the laptop and switch the tv off. Listen to them when they speak and really listen to what they are saying. We often think our children tell us things so we can help solve them. They do not need us to fix all their problems and by doing this we are not teaching them to problem solve on their own. We are actually saying to them that it is ok for the adult who is looking after them to sort it.


All behaviour comes from a feeling, listen when they are telling you things. Find the feeling behind what they are saying and state it, “It seems to me like you might be feeling…” “I wonder if you are feeling…” If you have the wrong emotion, they will tell you. By doing this you are opening a conversation with your child and the likelihood is they will tell you more and also feel appreciated and understood. Asking children questions like “I wonder how you might do that differently next time?” allows them to reflect and next time a problem comes up they are more likely to remember a different way to manage the situation on their own. This promotes self-confidence and self-esteem, which in turn will reduce anxiety in children.


It’s amazing how much happier we feel after seeing our children smile and laugh. Play a game with them, go for a walk, have a cuddle and you will be surprised as to how much conversation this encourages. We are our children’s role models and they need to know we find things hard too.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Don’t just sit at home and worry, just get in touch. Look after yourself and your family.

Stay safe, Clare.


Clare Wilson - FLM/Back up DSL/Rainbow Bereavement Coordinator/Prevent Lead/Online Safety Champion/ Anti-Bullying & Online Safety Committee Member/Attendance Lead/Operation Encompass Key Adult




Lucy McGough - Family Learning Mentor Assistant


Hello, my name is Mrs McGough and I support Clare as the Family Learning Mentor Assistant.


My role in school is to ensure that your child(ren) feels happy and safe in school, at home and in the virtual world. I give annual talks to all the children about Anti-Bullying Week and Online Safety Day where we talk about how to have fun, be kind and stay safe.

I see children on a 1:1 basis or in a group to discuss any friendship difficulties, any worries that they may have and offer a safe space for them to be listened to.


Our anti-bullying message is always tell, tell, tell because without school knowing we can’t help but what we can do is put a stop to the bullying and support both the child face bullying with confidence and the bully to understand how their actions have affected others.

Please encourage your child(ren) to talk an adult they trust, either at home or in school. At school we have worry boxes outside your child’s classroom, these are checked daily by myself and Clare and then we will have a chat with your child(ren) to help with whatever the issue may be.


We are here to help you make the most of your time at Shakespeare Primary School.

Mrs Lucy McGough

“We didn’t realise we were here to make memories, we just knew we were having fun.”


Lucy McGough - FLM Assistant/Year 5 TA/Rainbows Facilitator/Anti-Bullying & Online Safety Committee Member


In a world where you can be anything, be kind. I have placed lots of motivational quotes and helpful reminders of how to be a good friend around school. You can use these as a good conversation starter to get your child(ren) to talk about their feelings.