Home Page Shakespeare Primary School “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

In English year 2 have been reading ‘The Colour Monster’ They have been interviewing each other during hot seating sessions to discuss people’s feelings and how we can make people feel better xx

Year 1 have been writing about what they would do if they were a pirate. .

This week Year 1's writing links to the lovely story Marmaduke.

In Year 3 we have been creating our own word carpet using exciting adjectives. We had a walk around the carpet and chose some adjectives to include in our writing to make our writing more interesting.

It's time for some non-fiction writing in Class R! Frogspawn, tadpoles and hopefully some frogs soon! We read a lovely story called 'Growing Frogs' in our nature garden. Miss Hayton got to sit on the huge story chair for the first time this year and we loved our story in the sunshine. We didn't have far to go to see the things from our story in our real life pond! Then we wrote captions for our life cycle of a frog! 🐸🌞

In Year one the children have been doing writing linked to the book Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell.

Intent, Implementation and Impact

In year 3 we have been predicting what we think may happen in our new story 'The Journey'. We used magnifying glasses to take a close look at clues on the front cover.

Year 3-Today in comprehension we worked in teams to read a piece of text and answer questions all about Mary Anning. We have loved learning all about this famous palaeontologist in our Science lessons too.

Year 3- We have been learning how to edit our writing. We have looked closely at finding missing capital letters, full stops and spelling errors. We use green pens to correct our work. We love doing this and pretending we are the teacher.

Oh how busy we have been in EYFS! It was Pancake Day on Tuesday so we absolutely had to read Mr.Wolf's Pancakes! The poor chap needed a lot of help from his neighbours , but they were too mean to help and met a sticky end!! In Class R we are very helpful. We have written a shopping list for him and worked in groups to write a set of instructions to help him make his pancakes. We love pretending to be book characters so we have done some hot seating based on our Mr. Wolf book. Communication and language is very important in EYFS so we now have a 'Chatterbox Partner' who we discuss our answers with at carpet time. We have also been practising using our phonics for word building and spelling too.

Year 5 really enjoyed World Book Day.

We love doing comprehension in Year 5. Here we are having our weekly discussion and recording our answers on big paper.

Year 1 have enjoyed reading The Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough. They collected sounds from around the classroom and made their own poems.

In English year 2 have been thinking about how characters feel. They have been thinking of words to describe this.

Year 6 examples of writing ( before editing and after editing)

In English we have been reading the story Esiotrot and we have LOVED it! Today we met Miss Hickson's tortoise!! He was very cute xx

In Year 4, Mr Hobley's group have spent time preparing and performing YouTube-style reviews of our book; The Lost Happy Endings.

We just love the book 'The Perfect Fit' by Naomi Jones! The characters are so kind and friendly and they have so much fun together. We recreated illustrations from the story and thought about what they would be saying. As usual we tried so hard to form our letters correctly and sound out words to help us with our spelling. We used our knowledge from past lessons on speech bubbles.

EYFS- Lots of fine motor and handwriting practise this week.

Our Reception class children have been engrossed in reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They have been practising their sentence writing by writing letters and speech bubbles. The children have also been using their knowledge of the story characters to act out the story and do some hot seating!

Our Year 1 children love 'Stickman' and Mr Wolf and his pancakes! The children have been learning about the use of speech bubbles and how to write instructions, lists and captions. Look at their wonderful writing!

Year 2 can use apostrophes!!

In Year 3 we love to share our work with our friends by reading it out to the class.

In our Year 3 English lessons we have been thinking about our favourite parts of the story, creating a word bank using words from the book and writing and editing our own stories.

Year 3 used story stones to re tell their own legends from the sea, inspired from their visit to the beach.

Year 6. As part of our read and respond comprehension lessons, the children discuss the meaning of new words, write down ideas and learn to explore all types of texts before answering questions with growing confidence.