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Operation Encompass



There are currently no procedures for reporting Domestic Abuse incidents to schools which means that our children are left without the support and nurture that they need when they need it most. In conjunction with Lancashire Police, Shakespeare School is involved in a national initiative called 'Operation Encompass'.

Being part of this means that by 9.00am on the next school day following an incident the schools key adult will be informed that a child has been involved, heard or witnessed a domestic abuse incident. This means that if a child is distressed, upset or worried by the incident school is in a position to offer immediate early intervention to best support the needs of the child.

This is a valuable initiative that means we can help and support children and their families within our school when they need us most.

At Shakespeare Primary School our Key Adults are Laura Willan - Headteacher & Clare Wilson - FLM

Children are individuals and may respond to witnessing abuse in different ways. These are some of the effects described in a briefing by the Royal College of Psychiatrists - 

  • They may become anxious or depressed
  • They may have difficulty sleeping
  • They have nightmares or flashbacks
  • They can be easily startled
  • They may complain of physical symptoms such as tummy aches and may start to wet their bed
  • They may have temper tantrums and problems with school
  • They may behave as though they are much younger than they are
  • They may become aggressive or they may internalise their distress and withdraw from other people
  • They may have a lowered sense of self-worth
  • Older children may begin to play truant, start to use alcohol or drugs, begin to self-harm by taking overdoses or cutting themselves or have an eating disorder

Children may also feel angryguilty, insecurealonefrightenedpowerless or confused. They may have ambivalent feelings towards both the abuser and the non-abusing parent.

Bright Sky is a mobile app and website for anyone experiencing domestic abuse as well as those concerned about friends and family members.  

The app can be downloaded for free via the app stores. Please only download the app if it is safe for you to do so and if you are sure that your phone isn't being monitored. 

The website is focused on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse, advice on how to support someone you have concerns for, and ways to find help.

On both the app and the website are quick exit/'covert mode' safe buttons so that you can disguise what you are looking at to keep yourself safe.